Other Publications

The Rambo Rival,”  short story published in Mystery Tribune online mystery magazine, 1/15/2022

The Knockoff King,” Crimeucopia Anthology, Murderous Ink Press, October 13, 2021.

The World’s Most Counterfeited Prescription Drug PI Magazine Blog Article, 4/2019

Crocodile Tears short story published in TSSF online African Literary Journal, 8/2018

Cybersquatting (also known as domain name piracy) published in PI Magazine, 12/2010.

Pursuing The Counterfeiters was published in PI Magazine in July/August, 2003.

IDentity Theft was published in Razor Magazine in January, 2002. Paul interviewed Frank Abignale whose life story was made into the movie “Catch Me If you Can” (2002) starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. The article’s timely publication led to an interview on the Brian Lehrer show on identity theft., 8/2018

Paul wrote the cover story, Signal Theft for the January 1995 issue of Electronics Now Magazine. The editors edited Paul’s article for their audience. The original article is in Paul’s book, Trademark Counterfeiting, Product Piracy and the Billion Dollar Threat to the U.S. Economy (Praeger, 1995)

Designer Counterfeiting was published in PI Magazine in the Spring, 1992 as a book excerpt from my book on trademark counterfeiting.

The Chinese Unit was published in Police Magazine in March 1989 and features an interview with Robert M. Stutman, special agent in charge of the New York City field division of the Drug Enforcement Division (DEA). [web designer Jean-Paul Picard took the photo of Stutman]. Mr. Stutman subsequently became nationally famous after a close friend and fellow DEA officer Everett Hatcher was murdered. Mr. Stutman appeared on America’s Most Wanted in connection with the murder and was interviewed in many magazines. Police pressured the Bonanno and Colombo crime families for the killer and eventually, a cocaine dealer named Gus Farace who had been on the run for a year was found shot to death. 

The Runaway Squad” was published in Police Magazine in June, 1986. This was an innovative program in New York City’s bus terminal to deal with runaways