Harry Styles Wins Injunction Stopping Counterfeiters

On January 30, 2023 a Northern Illinois Judge granted Pop Singer Harry Styles a preliminary injunction to stop a list of nearly 200 counterfeiters from selling merchandise that infringe his trademarks. Numerous counterfeit products were being sold on online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy according to the complaint filed on January 10th.

Styles is seeking all of defendants’ profits and triple damages for infringement, as well as $2 million in statutory damages for each use of his marks. Also, in the complaint, lawyers asked for a sweeping takedown of the unauthorized sellers’ items, listing specific URLs and not actual vendors or people, and noted that many of the counterfeit items are from online sellers based mostly in China and “other foreign jurisdictions with lax trademark enforcement system.”