The FDA issued an alert after CorgioMed LLC voluntarily recalled all lots of Leafree Instant Hand Sanitizer Aloe Vera within expiry to the consumer level because the product is mis-labeled as “Edible Alcohol.” The hand sanitizer is an alcohol-based hand rub to applied externally to reduce bacteria on the skin when soap and water are not available.

As part of the product’s Risk Statement: “Ingesting hand sanitizer, which is intended for topical use, may result in alcohol toxicity. Symptoms of alcohol toxicity may range from lack of coordination, slowed or slurred speech, drowsiness to coma, which can be fatal. The warning also extends to pregnant mothers.

4e Brands North America recalled hand sanitizers that may contain wood alcohol. The products were manufactured in Mexico and sold under the brand names: Assured, Blumen and Modesa.  The affected Hand Sanitizers are packaged in clear plastic bottles with variation of tops, including blue, white, or clear pumps or caps.

These two companies are part of a growing list of companies that have recalled their hand sanitizers because of risks to the public. The FDA has posted a list of the hand sanitizers that the public should avoid:


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