Daily Archives: February 13, 2019

Operation Pangea XI Targets Online Rogue Pharmacies

Operation Pangea is a yearly operation involving many countries and law enforcement agencies which cooperate in a one week operation targeting online rogue pharmacies.

From October 9-16, 116 countries combined forces to combat the problem of online rogue pharmacies in Operation Pangea XI. The results were staggering and include: 859 arrests and the seizure of 500 tons of illicit pharmaceuticals worth an estimated $14 million. The pharmaceuticals included: anti-inflammatory medication, painkillers, slimming pills and medicines for HIV, Parkinson’s, erectile dysfunction, anabolic steroids and diabetes.

More than 110,000 medical devices including syringes, contact lenses, hearing aids and surgical instruments were seized. Also seized were counterfeit medical devices included 737 expired cardiac surgery instruments smuggled into the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations (OCI) special agents initiated several criminal investigations and took down more than 450 domain names including http://www.nextdaypills.com, http:www.top-meds-discounts.com and http://www.bestgenericstores.com. In all, 3,671 web links were closed down including websites, social media pages and online marketplaces.

Victims of Fake Medicines Tell Their Stories

On January 31, Twenty-one members of the trade group, the Partnership for Safe Medicines, based in San Francisco, hosted congressional briefings to allow victims of fake medicines and their families to tell their stories in Washington.

Also speaking were retired law enforcement officers representing the DEA and the National Sheriffs’ Association who spoke of the dangers from counterfeit drugs in their jurisdictions and efforts to combat them. Javier Peña and Steve Murphy, retired DEA agents portrayed in the Netflix series NARCOS, spoke about their experiences with drug cartels, counterfeits and opioids on a panel with former Assistant United States Attorney Samuel J. Louis and former Canadian Border Patrol agent Don Bell.

Please visit the organization’s website: https://www.safemedicines.org/about-us/members for more information.