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In November, 2018 Chinese police seized more than a half million boxes of fake condums worth $7 million. The fakes were sold to hotels, supermarkets and vending machines and were sold in Henan and Hubei provinces. Packaged as Durex and Okamoto (a Japanese condom manufacturer), as well as Chinese brands Jissbon and SixSex, unsuspecting purchasers would have been easily duped by the fake branding

Condums are one of the most widely counterfeited products in China along with various fashion products and have become a nationwide black market.

To make counterfeit condums all that is required is unprocessed condoms, silicone oil and packaging. All three can be easily acquired. the production of condoms requires strict registration and production qualifications—but much depends on provincial food and drug administrations to authorize licenses.

Statistics from the National Health and Family Planning Commission show that tens of millions of counterfeit condoms go into the market via different channels.